The Background

Not just another veg box delivery service. Boxxfresh was born from their kitchen table in 2016, with the vision of bringing people closer to where their food comes from and helping them to source better quality produce. Giving the customer a choice of whats in the box and when they have it! 

The Challenge

Initially we had to crate a fresh looking modern brand, then transfer it onto printed materials, vehicles, boxes, print media and online. It was important to not take the focus from the fantastic produce. The next exiting job was to then take the ordering process from a existing manual process, to a fully automated one, integrating into the brand new CRM system. We had to create a website with a super simple user experience, making it easy for the customer to build there box in a visual manor. This is no ordinary e-commerce experience.

Boxxfresh website
Boxxfresh website
Boxxfresh mobile website