Elk Kitchens logo


The Background

BOLD INNOVATION… Minimising materials, liberating design, redefining functionality. That's what Elk Kitchens are all about. These guys create some real super slick and innovative kitchen designs.
Now all they needed was a super slick and innovative brand and website to match. That's where we come in.

The Challenge

We wanted to create a Logo closely associated with the product. Naturally, the best place to start was the  0’45 range. It is the worlds first and we automatically fell in love with the perfect geometry, we really wanted to play with that idea in the design. We have used the 45-degree angle throughout the design, we are a massive fan... 

The challenge we had with the website was to create a nice clean site focusing on the super cool new kitchen concepts. The website had to be interactive, highlighting elements and detail of the Kitchen designs in an informative way. We threw in a little sprinkling of subtle animation in as well, just for good measures.


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Elk Cards
Elk Kitchens web