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The Background

Tom’s mission is to help, support and nurture the creative entrepreneurs in this world and he does this through his infectiously honest and caring approach... he takes the “human” element of branding to a whole new level.

The key character points were, honesty, warmth, approachability, support, and caring… it was so important for us to celebrate the human element of his brand as that is his superpower.

The Challenge

We have created this super clean design that shows one human (top half) caring for another human (bottom half). this really hits home the key value, supportive, approachable, mentorship, warmth and ultimately someone caring for someone else.

we have also played with the negative space to visualise a speech bubble - Tom is so open to chatting with anyone freely and guiding them and we wanted to communicate this idea of open and honest communication, the speech bubble “has them in it” so to speak - which shows Tom chatting to them and guiding them on their journey.

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