The Background

Their company was inspired shortly after they had their first child. As first-time parents, they were unaware of the types of baby items that we would need for their little one.

They decided to put their pens to paper and they started creating their own dream design. They knew how much they loved mitten cuffs, so they thought “Why not footie cuffs!?” If they simply put cuffs on a romper, it could easily convert into a sleeper without a wardrobe change! Genius! The fabric choice also had to be perfect and carefully selected. They wanted it to be soft, stretchy and breathable. Lastly, it was important that we incorporated a Zipper closure. Voila! The Baby Breez Romper/Sleeper was born!

The Challenge

Jenna came to us in need of a brand solution - she wanted clean, sleek lines and a design that would stand the test of time. So we went straight to the sketch book and we cam across this beautiful mark that was bang on for Baby Breez. The theory behind this epic mark is what makes this visual. Our brand dude , James, came up with this beautiful B + Swirling breeze icon... its effortless and totally unique.