Cell Squared Logo


The Background

Cell Squared are an umbrella health & wellness company that creates, educates and sells natural products that improve physical, mental and spiritual health, bridging the gap between contemporary practices we have known for years and the ancient practices we have known for lifetimes.

The Challenge

We wanted this design to feel authentic, honest and balanced in its execution but detail a story the journey that celebrated their offering, their name and their philosophy.

This has so much detail visualised throughout but it remains so minimal - this really plays in the ancient symbol vibe wanted to celebrate. We want this design in 1000 years to mean something still.

We have our cell splitting - we have interpreted this as the cell multiplying or “squaring” - through two circles separating.

Having one of the circles (cells) bolder allows us a sense of depth - almost like one is in front of the other - this adds a lovely dynamic to a seemingly flat design.

The lines help to visualise the activation and splitting - and having three lines gives us our mind / body / spirit.

This again is visualised by cutting the bolder circle with the inverted lines, this, as mentioned, is the mind / body / spirit - but it also adds a movement to the design.

We really like how the lines are different lengths and don't all start and end at the same point - this takes the “clinical” aspect out of the design - its more “organised chaos” - a natural order.

Cell Squared Packaging
Cell Squared Packaging
Cell Squared MockUp