The Background

This is a story about a girl and guy that were getting ready to go to the beach, but the girl could not find a swimming suit. She looked everywhere. Foamy moulded bra cups, eek! Thick layers of cheap material. Extra straps and ornaments. Bad prints. Expensive. Ugly. Double eek! 

So she and her guy looked on the Internet. After much searching, they found a few cool little brands scattered around the world, so they bought her a couple of suits only to find when they arrived they did not fit. So the girl and the guy bought a sewing machine and set out to make swimwear that is designed to be fit accommodating and to be about choice of styles and colour combinations…So Lolo Wilbo was born.

The Challenge

Lawrence and Diana are just Epic Humans. We were given free reign with the brief, which you know we love, and the result was awesome. It was so important that we got their energy and personality into the brand and with a variation of sweet script and killer illustration we all created something together that will definitely make you stop and stare.