Plastic Freedom Boxes


The Background

Plastic freedom is an online shop that is dedicated to changing the world we live in... Beth has over 900 plastic-free, vegan and natural products that celebrate make our planet happy.

The Challenge

I have fallen in love with this quirky little logo, its full of personality and undeniably was really important for me that it felt like there was a human being behind the brand - I wanted it to have a sense of freedom in the design structure and most importantly of all… make people smile through its positive outlook.

By playing with the layout I was able to bring a little emphasis to the OM of freedom… this is magical for so many reasons;
1. OM is a sacred sound that is known generally as the sound of the universe - this is so on point and spirituality awesome.

2. OM is the only sound that can be replicated across any language - this is a nice little nod to suggest that we are all in this together - its something we all have in common.

Plastic Freedom Coasters
Plastic Freedom Paper
Plastic Freedom on wood