SustainBlah Mug


The Background

Zero waste, no-nonsense, good sh*t for living with. That says it all really.
We want to cut the ‘blah’ and make it easy and simple to live a sustainable life.
New Zealand based, shipping to the world!

The Challenge

I wanted to create something irreverent and slightly rebellious...the gender neutrality of the brand i knew was also important as Sustainablah did'nt want anything too fragile or pretty… it’s all about creating a conversation and making a statement - we are saying what needs to be said. Another thing that i wanted was for it to feel handmade and organic, imperfectly perfect if you will… This is how i explained my reasoning to Jenna.

So the reason for the speech bubble style housing mechanism was to “create the conversation” - voicing the fact that this is the way for people to go now - spreading our option in a positive and confident way… i didn’t want it to be perfect and smooth - your vibe is very much “no Nonsense” and i wanted our design to reflect that… I also feel that this style “speech bubble” can become a powerful marketing asset through your product offering and posts on social media.

Sustainablah business cards
Sustainablah Box