Westerlies Business Cards


The Background

The Westerlies are a Brooklyn-based new music brass quartet (two trumpets & two trombones) and non-profit arts organization comprised of childhood friends from Seattle. The Westerlies create a bold and personal chamber music experience imbued with the spirit of improvisation, using their four horns to amplify unheard voices, paint new sonic landscapes, and cultivate a global community.

The Challenge

This is one of those projects that you fall in love with. I always listen to the music of the artists I’m working for as I find it really helps the process... my mission was to create something friendly, accessible, charming and creative to facilitate their awesomeness moving forward.

The idea of a W being created out of a brass tube to reflect them and their instruments... so simple but beautifully effortless.... just like their sound.

Westerlies Sketch
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